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This is Amazon"s cheapest ebook reader Amazon Kindle has a decent display The device lacks a front light
Amazon"s iron grip on the ebook reader market is not going to loosen anytime soon. Products such as the Kindle Oasis ensure that the company caters to the premium niche, while the Kindle PaperWhite serves most other customers just fine. Even then, few people can justify spending above sầu Rs. 10,000 on an ebook reader. If you are one of them, you"re probably looking at the Amazon Kindle.

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The base Model in Amazon"s ebook reader lineup is priced at Rs. 5,999, which is bound to lớn appeal to lớn many more people. To lower the price, there have to be some compromises. Has Amazon cut one corner too many or has it managed lớn strike a perfect balance between price and quality? We used the Amazon Kindle for a couple of weeks to lớn find out.

The Amazon Kindle is about the same form size as the PaperWhite. It"s no match for the light và small Oasis, but it doesn"t cost Rs. 24,000 either so we will happily live sầu with its kích thước và weight. The new Amazon Kindle is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, so that is a big plus.

The moment you hold it, you will notice one of the compromises. The toàn thân is plasticky và lacks a premium feel. The bigger problem is that the Kindle"s baông chồng is made of a slippery plastic material. This made us grip it a lot tighter than we"re used khổng lồ with the Papertrắng, leading to some discomfort. Cynics might wonder whether this is a way lớn drive sầu up sales of Amazon"s covers for the Kindle, which cost a whopping Rs. 2,000 each. We kept it in a bag with another Kindle, a smartphone, và a notebook when we weren"t using the ebook reader and we noticed two small scratches on its bezel. If cosmetic damage bothers you, a cover is a must. The Kindle does feel sturdy overall, but we"d feel better having it in a protective sầu cover.


The display on the basic Amazon Kindle is another area where Amazon has made a compromise. It"s a low-resolution screen - 167ppi vs 300ppi on every other Kindle. Fortunately this won"t bother most people while reading. We were quite impressed with the screen. Fonts are crisp & legible, và you won"t notice the low resolution unless you really stare at the text. If you"re moving to lớn this from a PaperWhite, the transition will not be easy. But if this is your first Kindle, the screen won"t bother you.

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However, the laông chồng of a front light could be a dealbreaker. If you often read in dark places, you will sorely miss the front light. We felt this the most while reading during train rides khổng lồ và from our office. Some trains are poorly lit and lights go off for around 15-đôi mươi seconds in certain parts of the journey. This is where a Kindle Papertrắng allows you khổng lồ continue reading. With the Amazon Kindle, there was no choice but to break the flow of reading & wait for better lighting conditions. In poorly lit trains, the reading experience was so bad that we had lớn stop reading altogether. You could of course buy a clip-on light, but that"s not an elegant solution.

The battery life of the Amazon Kindle is pretty good. If you use the device in airplane mode, it should easily last over two weeks on a single charge. This is no surprise as long battery life is one of the hallmarks of the Kindle range.

We read three novels during the Đánh Giá period and the slightly slower page refresh & longer loading times for various options bothered us. Once again, for those trying a Kindle for the first time, these things won"t be that big a giảm giá khuyến mãi so we"re willing to overlook these shortcomings. In bright light, the reading experience is very good, & that is what matters.

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Overall we were fairly pleased with what Amazon offers at this price point. At Rs. 5,999 the Amazon Kindle is a solid ebook reader for most people who"ve sầu never used such a device before. We"ve sầu seen the price drop to lớn as low as Rs. 4,899 during sales so keep an eye out for discounts if you want to buy this.

ProsPriceDecent displayBattery lifeConsSlippery plastic bodyNo front lightA little laggy

Rating (out of 5): 3.5