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Audio Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC2.

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Transcripts Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC
Part I. Picture Description1. (A) The man is holding a backpack. (B) He is carrying a suitcase. (C) He is holding a box. (D) The man is carrying a briefcase.2. (A) The woman is giving a presentation. (B) The woman is drawing a picture. (C) She is changing clothes. (D) She is serving food.3. (A) The man is in a sports stadium. (B) He is near an office building. (C) He is on a farm. (D) He is in a thành phố.4. (A) The man is a police officer. (B) He is a doctor. (C) He is a firefighter. (D) He is a teacher.Part II. Questions and Responses1. Where vì you work? (A) At 9:00 a.m, usually. (B) He went on vacation. (C) In the office building on the corner.2. Can you help me file these papers? (A) I don"t know how khổng lồ type. (B) Sure. Let"s vị it together. (C) My desk is in the corner.3. Did the boss hire a new worker? (A) Yes, her name is Sue. (B) I went to New York once. (C) His office is down the hall.4. Will you come lớn work on Saturday? (A) The coffee has sugar in it. (B) I like my job. (C) No, I finished everything today.5. Have sầu you ever worked in a grocery store? (A) They sell fruits và vegetables. (B) Yes, when I was in university. (C) I can"t go with you.Part III. Short ConversationsQuestions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation(M) Lisa, I heard that you got a new job. I didn"t even know you were looking. Why did you change?(W) Well, I started khổng lồ apply for jobs about a month ago. You know, the pay at my old job was toolow, and the hours were so long. Now, I make more money and my working hours are shorter.(M) That"s great! Congratulations !Questions 4 through 6 refer to the following conversation.(M) Hey, Jean. Are you hungry? Let"s have sầu lunch together today. What vì chưng you feel like? I"ll pay.(W) I"d like to lớn but I can"t, Steve. I have a business meeting to lớn go lớn.

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I have sầu a very busyday today.(M) That"s OK. Maybe some other time. Let me know when you have sầu time. I know a lot of good whenyou have time. I know a lot of good restaurants around here.Part IV. Short TalksQuestions 1 through 3 refer khổng lồ following talk.(W) Most people think of the average working day as nine to lớn five sầu. In other words, most people areused to working during the day, usually from 9:00 a.m lớn 5:00 p.m. But some jobs start at differenttimes. People who work "swing shift" job usually start work late in the afternoon, around 5:00 pm& finish late at night, around 1:00 a.m. Other people work "graveyard" shift jobs. These shiftslast all night, from 11:00 p.m to 7:00pm These strange hours are necessary because some jobs canonly be done at night. There are also an increasing number of people who work flexi-time. Flexi-timeis convenient for workers because they can choose when khổng lồ go to lớn work. For example, even if my regularhours are from 9:00 to 5:00, I could go khổng lồ work from 8:00 to lớn 4:00 instead, if I wanted.Questions 4 through 6 refer khổng lồ the following talk.(M) I changed jobs about 2 months ago. My new job is closer to my trang chủ. I can walk to lớn work which savesme a lot of money each month on gasonline and parking fees. I can arrive sầu trang chính much earlier than beforeso I also have sầu enough time khổng lồ take French classes twice a week, & I"m going to join a thể hình next week.3. Answer key Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC
Part I1. (D) The man is carrying a briefcase.2. (A) The woman is giving a presentation.3. (C) He is on a farm4. (A) The man is reading the paper5. (C) He is a firefighter.Part II1. (C) In the office building on the corner2. (B) Sure. Let"s vì chưng it together3. (A) Yes, her name is Sue.4. (C) No, I finished everything today.5. (B) Yes, when I was in university.Part III1. (B) The pay was too low.2. (C) Four weeks ago.3. (D) The hours are shorter and the pay is more.4. (C) Have sầu lunch5. (A) She has a business meeting lớn go khổng lồ.6. (B) He know some good restaurants nearby.Part IV1. (B) 5:00 pm - 1:00 pmét vuông. (B) During the night3. (B) You can choose your own hours.4. (C) Ten5. (A) Medical insurance6. (B) By walking to lớn work.Bài tiếp theoListening Unit 5 - Starter TOEICBook & AudioStarter TOEIC Third Edition BookVocabularybackpaông xã : Ba lôsuitcase: Va-li đựng quần áobriefcase: cặp sáchstadium : Sân vận độngfirefighter : Lính cứu hỏaListening Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC

Reviewed by HAPPYonDecember 28, 2017Rating: 5 Listening Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC 1. Audio Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC 2. Transcripts Unit 5 - Starter TOEIC Part I.

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